I'm passionate about sharing the wonders of the universe with people of all ages.

I currently serve on the International Astronomical Union's commission on Communicating Astronomy with the Public. Its raison d'etre is simple: "It is the responsibility of every astronomer to play a role in explaining the interest and value of science to our fellow citizens." The commission's goals are to explore new ways of communicating astronomy with the public, to encourage and enable astronomers to participate actively in public outreach and, to facilitate sharing of ideas and best practices in science communication. The IAU is the largest organization of professional astronomers in the world, with 12,664 members in 96 countries.

I also had the honor of serving as chief astronomy content developer for the `Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii, a $28 million NASA-funded science center that weaves together astronomy and Hawaiian culture into a compelling story of human exploration. By tapping into universal themes that transcend science, culture and place of origin, we built a unique interpretive center that is helping to attract new generations of young people to astronomy.